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Regarding required fingerprints for the NYS Security Guard License application, we are often asked two (2) questions:

Question #1:

Security Guard license applicants often have been fingerprinted for other applications before, and we are often asked if someone already has fingerprints on file, do they need to spend the $102.50* necessary to get new prints done by the NYS authorized electronic finger vendor, L-1 Identity Solutions.  *Fees as of November 2013.

Answer: The answer is definitely YES unless you are a an ACTIVE DUTY POLICE OFFICER as defined under NYS CPL Section 1.20 (retired does not count).  

Question #2:



Security Guard applicants also often ask AND THINK that they can save TIME and MONEY by submitting old fashioned rolled ink print cards with their application.

As you can plainly see from the above breakdown, the electronic fingerprint vendor, L-1 Enrollment Services, charges a grand total of only $10.75 for their service which takes only a few minutes. They may collect $102.25 but then must send DCJS and the FBI $91.50 of the total.

Fact: This procedure has been eliminated by the state of New York State effective January 1, 2010 for the purposes of license applicant background checks.

Fact: The state will still accept the old type print cards in the mail largely due to the fact that there are a number of rural areas upstate New York that do not have a local fingerprint franchise location, but after receiving the cards the Division of Licensing Services will send them directly to the authorized fingerprint vendor L-1 Identity Solutions anyhow (located out of state), to be scanned in order to be used for the purposes of the applicant background check.

Fact: The applicant still pays the same EXACT FEE of $102.25 for the fingerprints no matter what, and will SAVE NOTHING even if they know someone authorized to do so who will print them the old way for FREE!  It will in fact probably cost more because police agencies charge money for this service, and the security guard schools offering this "FREE" service to enhance their image in an effort to entice new enrollments are actually doing the applicant a DISSERVICE because of the ADDITIONAL DELAY caused by the need to send the cards out of state to be scanned.  Almost without certainty, this "free" service will also translate into a higher training fee rate as well.


 Not doing the prints the right way will likely cost more money and will delay your license approval indefinitely until the cards are sent out of state to be successfully received and scanned electronically.

Answers to this and other questions may be found on the official New York State Division of Licensing Services site

including on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page here.