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For those who just want a few simple answers, please read on . . .


First thing you need to know!


It is a criminal offense to work as an unlicensed security guard in New York State (bouncers, body guards, and bounty hunters also need a security guard license to work in New York). If caught, you can be immediately arrested and face certain criminal and civil penalties for working illegally without a valid security guard license issued by the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services.


Second thing you need to know!


To become a licensed Security Guard and legally work in New York State, you must be trained/certified by a Security Guard School licensed by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services such as ours.You may find us listed on their official site listed under "AG Affiliates" in Suffolk County.


Third thing you need to know!


In order to apply for you license you must take the NYS Eight Hour Pre Assignment Course for Security Guards, and our tuition fee is only $60 for this course. We generally conduct this course three (3) times per week (check with us for possible occasional schedule changes first):



You can pick a date/time that works best for you and you can even sign up online anytime!



Fourth thing you need to know!


Fingerprinting Required:

Once you take the course you MUST be electronically fingerprinted for a criminal background check. The ONLY exception to this requirement is for ACTIVE DUTY POLICE OFFICERS listed in NYS CPL 1.20. RETIRED police officers and EVERYONE ELSE must be printed even if your prints have been taken for other purposes.  For more information about this requirement click here.

Have you had problems with the law?

Prior criminal convictions or pending charges may (though not necessarily) prevent you from becoming a NYS licensed security guard. 



Fifth thing you need to know!


Even though it takes a little time for the state to process and issue your license, you can legally start working almost immediately for an employer with the certificate we issue upon successful completion of the Pre- Assignment Course, and we do FREE ongoing job placement for our students.


Sixth thing you need to know!


Once school is NOT just as good as another. Once you get your certification and license you will need a JOB. WE HELP YOU FIND ONE FOR FREE! That includes civil service jobs at the local, state and federal levels in law enforcement and security.  We have the knowledge and connections to help you.

Couple this with the fact that we have topflight instructors that go beyond the training guidelines of the state and any other security school, flexible hours and affordable rates it is easy to see that you have come to the right place!


You can sign up for the NYS Eight Hour Pre Assignment Course for Security Guards and start the ball rolling right now by going to our Enrollment Page





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