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Jay is a valuable on site asset to our organization and his accomplishments, in short, are far too numerous to mention here. However, we would like to list some highlights of his uncommon career . . .

He is a former Federal Agent with the US Department of Energy (Nuclear Material Courier Special Reaction Forces), and has had an extensive background serving with the elite US Army 10th Special Forces Group (Green Berets) as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant and
Special Forces Combat Diver.

Jay has graduated from some of t
he toughest and most specialized military courses the United States has to offer that include -- but by far are not limited to -- the US Army Ranger School, and several Special Forces qualification and evaluation courses that go well beyond that. He is a light, medium, heavy and special weapons expert (domestic and foreign) who has personally trained law enforcement officers and military personnel from an array of foreign nations allied with the United States and NATO in his capacity as a Green Beret Weapons Sergeant.

Jay also has additional valuable experience with MVM as a High Risk Personal Security Specialist protecting top level government personnel in Iraq. While there, he not only successfully planned and supervised the execution of tactical offensive maneuvers in the Green Zone, but he managed and developed  significant logistical aspects for MVM like planning, training, mobilization and deployment.

Unable to keep away from the call of duty to his country, he has recently decided to return to the military and serve our nation as a US Army Special Forces reservist. We are very thankful, and very proud of him for that and for all he has done!

Without a doubt, he has proved he is one of America's best!


On duty in Iraq.

    Jay training law enforcement officers in Greece.

If you are interested in learning more about the US Army Special Forces click here or on the photos to find out more, or check out the below video . . .