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Our Commitment

Our firm has been doing private consulting work for over twelve years although our instructors and consultants have decades of field, operational, instructional and managerial experience.  We are proud of our past successes, but will continue to strive to excel well into the future.

When we began we thought that knowledge, integrity and trust were the keys to our future success. We were right. Today we still believe in these values, and practice them on every job we do or every training class we conduct. These beliefs have made our firm an industry leader.


Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on understanding the problems of our clients and students, and also the opportunities of assisting them! Our company is committed to excellence, and that is found in all of our services. Our clients and students are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving your needs.

We teach what we practice: If any job is worth doing, it is worth doing well!

We not only teach students or employees what to expect and the "how-to's" of the field, but we give them valuable advice on how to look, how to act, and how to prepare for anything.

We also believe in teaching students and employees to "do it right the first time".