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Completely fill out the official reservation form below.

Note: If you experience any technical difficulties with either of the below forms, just send us an e-mail with the details of when you want to come to class(es) or you may call us at (631) 991-2620.




A. If you wish to pay by credit or debit card, please continue onto the below Reservation Form (or e-mail us) as indicated above, fill it out, and then pay by using the Online PayPal Shopping Cart (located below the Reservation Form).

B. If you do not wish to pay by credit or debit card we absolutely respect and appreciate that, and still very much welcome and encourage you to apply online or call us with your reservation request then pay in person on the day of the course or you can also pay in advance by mail. Student Advisory Notice:  Unpaid reservations are not guaranteed. We have yet to "bump" anyone, but it can happen. If it does we will do our best to squeeze you in if someone else cancels or reschedule you for the next nearest date that is possible for you to attend.

In any event, rest assured that we will notify you if this should happen. We had to institute this policy due to a large number of irresponsible people in the past who were "NO SHOW/NO CALLS".

Note: This online option is not available for special tuition rates and Firearms Training Courses.

 SIGN UP STEP 1:   (Privacy Policy information is listed at the bottom of this page). 


Completely fill out the below Online Reservation form below. All information is strictly confidential, we do not share or sell it.

Unarmed Course Schedules:
Unarmed course dates/times are listed below the shopping cart for your convenience. You may scroll down to find them. Just enter the first date you would like to attend. Other desired dates will be scheduled later.




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A. First make sure that you first filled out the above reservation form.

B. Please click on the course(s) you want to take on the below PayPal shopping cart, as well, then hit "CHECKOUT".

C. We will then send you a confirmation e-mail and/or call you.





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NYS 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Course for Secuity Guards

This mandatory course is required to be taken once to get your new NYS security guard license.

NYS Sixteen Hour On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards

This mandatory course is actually in-classroom training required to be taken within ninety days of initial employment, but many employers require this before they will hire you or give hiring preference. This course is also required to be taken only once.

NYS 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course

This mandatory course is required to be taken each year by licensed security guards in order to renew their licenses.

NYS 8 & 16 Hour Course Sequence taken within 14 day period.

This option is the initial NYS 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Course plus the NYS 16 Hour On-the-Job Training Course together. You must take the second course within 14 days of completion of the first one to get this rate or the regular rates apply ($180 to take both courses).

Non-Refundable Course Deposit Fee

This fee is required for all those who do not show up to a scheduled class and do not call to cancel or reschedule (NO SHOW / NO CALL). It is non-refundable. Seating is limited so please be considerate and give 24 hours notice when canceling or reschedule if you cannot make it. Do the right thing and save the fee!

Product Quantity Amount ($)
Subtotal ($):


Reminder: Online enrollment is not available for the Firearms Courses. 

We conduct these unarmed courses weekly as follows:

For the 8 Hour Courses . . .

(A) The New York State Eight (8) Hour Pre-Assignment Course for Security Guards (required by state law in order to apply for a new security guard license). 


(B) The New York State Eight (8) Hour Annual In-Service Training Course for Security Guards (required by state law to renew security license and serves as a refresher course).  This course must be taken each year by licensed security guards in New York State.

Days, Nights, Weekends: Pick a day that works for you . . .

Every Tuesday from 10 AM X 6 PM

- Alternate Thursday Evenings on EVEN DATES of the month (contact us via e-mail or telephone for dates before registering) from 4 PM  X 12 AM*

*Special group arrangements can be made for 6 PM to 10 PM classes as well (must attend two sessions).

- Every Sunday from 11 AM X 7 PM*

- The course fee is $60 (special category fees do not apply when paying online).

NYS Sixteen Hour On-the-Job Training Course

for Security Guards 

(This Course must be taken within ninety (90) days of initial employment as a security guard, however many employers may require this course before they hire you.)

The above Sixteen (16) Hour course is conducted at the following times:

Every Saturday afternoon starting at twelve noon and one other day of the week.


Alternate Thursday Evenings on ODD DATES of the month starting at 5 PM.

Fee: $120 ($90 if taken within 14 days of completing the NYS Eight Hour Pre-Assignment Course with us).

Note: Online reservations are available for UNARMED TRAINING only.

ARMED TRAINING reservations are done in person at our administrative office by appointment only.

 For more information please call us at (631) 991-2620.


For questions about your privacy and our policy, please use this link.  In general, we are a professional law enforcement and security educational organization, and we DO NOT sell or share your personal information with outside parties without your permission or as required by law. In addition, we DO NOT send or condone spam and advertising messages.

We do not collect credit card information. Credit/Debit cards are accepted through PayPal who then forwards the money to us (but not your financial information)


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