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Bodyguards can earn up to $1000 or more per day, and you may have what it takes to earn it.


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You don't have to be 7 feet tall and 300 lbs. to qualify, but you do need specialized training and certain qualities (brain over brawn). 





1. New Level I 32 Hour Course starts Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 6 PM.


 If you qualify and are interested in the course call us at (631) 482-0075 today.



Executive Protection Training Is Portable


We sponsor/conduct Bodyguard/Executive Protection Courses in different locations throughout the United States and in other parts of the world year round through our affiliated companies and trainers to meet the needs of individuals, companies and organizations.  



AG Affiliates Bodyguard Training



Applications are accepted from both MALES and FEMALES, and training is conducted by instructors that come from elite law enforcement and military units such as the US Secret Service, FBI, US Marshals Service, and Special Ops military (Green Berets/US Navy SEALs/Marine Recon) for those who qualify and are selected for these courses. 



PREREQUISITES to take this training  click here (also see "Important Notes" link at the bottom of this page):


Special Operator Training AG Affiliates



Thirty-two (32) Hour Protective Agent/Bodyguard Training

                               Course Highlights Level I


Note: This course is conducted over seven (7) Thursday Evenings.


·       o   Introduction to Executive Protection – Basic 


·       o   Professional clothing and typical weapons used (lecture,   

        display and live demonstration)


·      o   What to do in a deadly encounter


·      o   Introduction to Gun Handling Techniques 

·      o   Residence, travel and office security


·      o   Threat/vulnerability assessments


·      o   Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)


·      o   Building and Vehicle Search for IEDs


·      o   Electronic Surveillance Devices


·      o   Counter Surveillance


·      o   Protective details


       o  Selecting/turning down a client



     o   How to brief your client


·      o   Advance work concepts and procedures


·      o   Team Placement


·      o    Formations (practical exercises)


·      o    Site advance work (practical exercises including advance

         survey checklist)


·      o    Emergency/contingency- planning and response    


·       o   Limousines and other Vehicles


·       o   Motorcade operations and  security (live field training       

              exercise in New York City)


·       o   Safeguarding communications


·       o   Safeguarding proprietary information


·       o   Selecting a vehicle


·       o   Building and vehicular bomb detection and searches


·       o  Introduction to Mixed Martial Arts and handcuffing for       

            Protective Agents 

     o  Careers in Executive Protection




Level I Normal fee is $1200 for this type of course. We charge $950 ($650 for military or prior Alliance Group Affiliates member students). There are other discounts for groups and a payment plan is available. 




                 Sixty-five (65) Hour Protective Agent/Bodyguard 

                             Training Course Highlights Level II 



Dignitary Protection Training, jobs


Note 1: For this course the student must be authorized to handle firearms in their respective local area and state where the course is offered. Otherwise you may limited to rifle and shotgun courses of fire only.


Note 2: This course, when offered, is conducted over a period six (6) months on select weeknights and weekend days.

Live Protective Exercises (2 Days) Field Exercises in Urban and Suburban Areas




– Students participate as protective agents under supervision of former federal agents.


o   How to brief your client


o   Advance work concepts and procedures


o   Team Placement


o   Formations (practical exercises)


                        o   Site advance work    (practical exercise including

                  advance survey).

o   Threat/vulnerability assessments


o   Walking the principle

o   Stalking Countermeasures

o   Terrorism Countermeasures




                       o   Motorcade operations and security (practical exercise)


o   Radio operations

o  Escape and survival techniques for bodyguards.



o  Operational Planning


                        o  Overseas operations


o  Tactical Communications (sometimes referred to as verbal judo)

o  Live field training exercise in NYC Theater District



  Live Range Fire, Gun Handling Techniques, Physical Fitness (1 Day) – Firearms Range/Track


o   Firearms CQB


o   Weapons Retention


o   Effective Placement of Rounds


o   Shooting Through Glass


o   Firearms Carrying and Drawing Techniques


o   Physical Fitness Testing/Mixed Martial Arts for   

     Protective Agents




Emergencies, Tactical Room Entry and Airsoft Exercises (1 Day) Classroom/Airsoft Field/Mixed Martial Arts Gym


o   First responder medical practices


o   Emergency/contingency planning and response procedures

o   Gun Handling Techniques


o   Room and Building Entry/Exit Techniques


o   Effective Cover Techniques



Level II* Firearms, hand to hand combat training are included and the student needs to be able to at least jog short distances of at least 100 yards and will be tested. If you fail the training at any level you must retake that day at the rate of $125 per day until you pass. If you do not pass you will not receive certification from our Special Operator trainers. 




Level III* is three (3) days more (intensive) training where you are trained by personnel from Special Ops personnel (Navy SEALs/Special Forces/Recon). Students are prescreened and need to be able to do a minimum number of push ups, sit-ups, pull ups and run 1 and 1/2 miles under in a specified time period for this course. Swimming may also be required for Navy SEALs Tactical Fitness Training.




*Doctor’s note is required for Levels II and III.



Becoming a Protective Agent through us is not a free ride, and is not accomplished in a few easy lessons. Your trainers (see above) did not receive one and neither will you. We are training you on how to keep yourself and others safe at the same time, and that takes continuous effort. This type of work, though rewarding in a number of ways, is dynamic and not for everyone.



Important notes:


1. Not everyone is selected for this training and subsequent listing on our Bodyguard/Protective Agent registry for special placement assistance.



    a. Selection is based on a number of factors including


        attitude, reliability, professional demeanor, commitment


        to work, life experience, education, training, and other





    b. The applicant will need a resume and will be interviewed


        before selected.  We are committed to using only the


        best trainers to produce the best operators for our


        employer groups, and the selection process is part of


        how we accomplish this.



2. Tuition is subject to change and does not include books/ manuals (where required), airsoft training, and equipment such as firearms, tactical gear, etc. or travel and lodging out of your city/town/state to places like Virginia and Maryland for Navy SEAL type training.




3. Candidates have to be serious about a real career and commitment to their work and ongoing training to keep your name on the Bodyguard/Protective Agent Registry once training is successfully passed.  If you do not pass the training you will not get on the registry.



4. You should be physically fit and be able to jog short distances.



5. You should be familiar with the use of a computer and how to navigate the Internet.



If you feel that you have what it takes to become a Bodyguard/Executive Protective Agent then you are welcome to apply for this training.



For more information feel free to contact us today!



These courses are certified by the Public Safety Training Council of America.