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Privacy Policy

This Web site is owned and operated by:

AG Affiliates

We are committed to maintaining your confidence and trust with respect to the information we collect from you. This privacy policy sets forth what information we collect about you, how we use your information, and the choices you have about how we use your information.

Alliance Group Affiliates is an educational institution and consulting organization for law enforcement and security and we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy both online and offline. As a policy, we will not sell, share or otherwise misuse your personal information.

Our specific policy is outlined as follows:

1. We use your personal information only to communicate directly to you and other entities you authorize such as the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services about your training, and for any other purposes specifically authorized by you. This is generally limited to transactions necessary to process your certifications with the proper authorities, and to otherwise comply with law.

2. We do not collect your credit or debit card information. We use PayPal as our credit/debit card processor because we believe they are a safer choice for consumers, and it relieves us from the burden of processing your credit information online and storing it. 

PayPal is a money transfer service and secure web site that collects this information from you, and does not share it with us. Once your payment is collected by PayPal they instantly transfer it to us and notify us of the transaction.

3. We do not collect cookies or use them in any way.

4. We do not send spam messages to anyone or condone the use of same.

5. We do not send unsolicited advertising messages to you.  We have this web site, a secure Facebook page dedicated only for use by our students, and a Twitter feed to disseminate information to students of the school who are interested in additional training and employment opportunities.

6. Although we do not send unsolicited advertising messages, we may contact you upon request or if certain deadlines are approaching for mandated training or state recertifications.  We do not take this responsibility upon ourselves, however. It is solely up the the certified and/or licensed individual to know and comply with the laws, rules, and regulations promulgated and enforced by proper authority.  

7. We do not use any of your personal information on our web site or in any other public way without your permission. 

This privacy policy was last updated on 12/14/2011