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For security reasons, course applicants must be one of the following:



    -Active/reserve/retired military

    -Active/retired law enforcement officer

    -Licensed security guard

    -Active/retired UN Security Officer

    -Embassy/Consulate Security Personnel

    -Other applicants after review and approval of the the  

     certifying Council.

Note: If you are working in the state of New York as a Bodyguard/Executive Protection Agent, you must also be a licensed NYS security guard or licensed NYS armed guard  unless you are an active duty Police Officer as defined under NYS Criminal Procedure Law Article 1.20.  Many other states have this requirement as well.


 Other prerequisites:

We also prefer candidates to be at least one of the following:

- Current or former military.

- Current or former law enforcement.

- College graduate.

- Special technical licensed.

- Martial artist.

- Licensed armed guard.

In all cases candidates have to above average strength and intelligence, and must pass all requisite training to be included in our Bodyguard Registry for placement assistance.  Graduates must remain in a constant training state to remain on the registry.



For Levels II and III training.


   - Pistol Permit (if required in your state/city/county)


   - Duty type firearm (at least 9mm or higher caliber).


   - Doctor's note approving physical fitness and martial arts