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Student Obligation for Payment of Tuition and Fees


Forms of payment accepted:

  • Cash if paid in person at time of registration.
  • Personal check with student’s printed name on check. Third party checks are not accepted.
  • Traveler’s checks.
  • US postal money order.
  • Bank (teller’s) check.


Students who fall into the following category will be financially obligated to the school regardless of attendance:


Students who remit payment for fees with a check that is returned unpaid (for any reason) become liable for the full amount of tuition and fees assessed by our bank.  It is our policy not to charge any additional penalty or handling fees assessed by the school for returned checks. As of September 1, 2011, the fee for returned items is $20.  In summary, students will be liable for the course tuition plus $20 for checks returned unpaid to our bank.





Note: Courses can last for up to six days.


Eight Hour Pre-Assignment Course = One (1) day

Sixteen Hour On-the-Job Training Course = Two (2) days

Eight Hour Annual In-Service Course = One (1) day

Forty Seven Hour Course for Armed Security Guards = Six (6) days

Eight Hour Annual In-Service Course for Armed Security Guards = One (1) day



For 47 Hour Firearms Course:


Full refund if student drops course instruction begins for FIREARMS HANDLING, SAFETY, PROFICIENCY AND QUALIFICATION COMPONENT OF COURSE .  After that NO REFUND will be issued.  


For all Eight Hour Courses (both armed and unarmed):


It is our policy to refund 100% of tuition fee if course is not completed.


For 16 Hour OJT Course:  It is our policy to refund 100% of tuition if student drops on the first day but before the second day. A fifty percent tuition may be issued for those who drop on the second day.